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Galactic Roads, Take Me Home

My recent stories aren't listed here because their either under consideration with various magazines or entered in contests. But they land here eventually.

silhouette of person facing bonfire_edit

The Reaping of Blackroot Hollow

Detail to be released upon publication. 

  • To be published Galaxy's Edge Magazine (Later in 2023

I love exploring art galleries in a new

The Button Girl

The Button Girl is about a mysterious girl who appears in Buckhannon, West Virginia in 1962. She can say only one word "Buttons". But this doesn't slow her down on her quest to change the lives of three other people forever.

  • Published by Academy of the Heart and Mind (April 2022) 

  • Republished by Piker Press (March 2023)

Spaceship Pod_edited.jpg

Echoes of Gliese

Echoes of Gliese is about a man fighting to save a critically ill living Starship from being euthanized.

  • Finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest (2020)

  • Third place winner for the Mike Resnick Memorial Award (2021)

  • Published in Galaxy’s Edge Magazine (2022) 

bird in a tree _edited.jpg

Raven's Compatible Relationships

For nine hundred years, Raven’s school had helped socially awkward suitors fit into compatible relationships. But, Raven’s model is put to the test when a bulky princess is dumped on her castle’s port cutlass

  • Semi-finalist in the Writers of the Future Contest (2021)

  • Not published yet.

Magician's Midlife Crisis

A travelling magician teams up with a desperado fashion designer to rob the local haberdashery in hopes of recapturing their youth.

  • Published in Sci-Fi Lampoon Magazine (Winter 2020)

Country Music Artist

Cowboy for a day

Clint has issues with his memory. Yesterday, he was an undercover US Marshal. Today, he’s a cowboy. The problem is, yesterday’s adventure isn't finished yet. And to get out of this mess, he’ll need to become something different again.

  • Published in ESCAPE!: A Writing Bloc Anthology (2019)

So You Wanna Be a Desperado Demon Slayer

Caleb is an obsessive compulsive cross-eyed cowboy, hell-bent on robbing the Hicksville bank. The residents of that small country town mistake him for a demon-slayer and nominate him to rid their community of its recent demon infestation. Caleb plays the part for all it’s worth, whilst secretly plotting to rob the town blind. Meanwhile, the demons plan their resistance.

  • Self-Published on Amazon (2016) Currently out of print.

Heaven Hell_edited.jpg

Heaven or Bust

Great, you're in purgatory, but your bag tag clearly has the wrong destination.

  • Published by Bag of Bones: 206 word stories (March 2022)

Country Field
Looking at the Sun
Rusty Old Car
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